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About Beliatore

Beliatore is a small census town in Bankura District of West Bengal state. It is located barely few kilometers away from headquarter city of Bankura. The town is immensely famous for ‘Mecha Sandesh’, a unique handicraft art that is made by combination of Chhatu, Chhana, Khoya, Sugar and Ghee. However, there is much more to this town than this unique handicraft.

About Beliatore
Forest Bungalow in Beliatore

History of Beliatore

Beliatore does not have a unique history of its own. However, Beliatore’s history shares lot of similarity with history of many of its adjoining towns. One such adjoining town happens to be Bishnupur town, located barely few kilometers away from Beliatore town. Bishnupur town was actually political and administrative seat of erstwhile Bishnupur kingdom. An ancient kingdom, dating back to 7th century and was once considered to be one of the most powerful kingdoms of present day West Bengal region. This powerful kingdom wielded huge influence over many parts of West Bengal during ancient and also large parts of medieval era. Needless to say, this powerful kingdom also played a very key role in shaping the identity of Beliatore town. Lastly, we also ought to mention about famous painter Jamini Roy. Born in 1887 in this very town of Beliatore, Jamini Roy is widely considered to be one of the finest painters that India ever produced.

Economy of Beliatore

Owing to low concentration of industries and other competitive sectors, Beliatore’s economy has always sustained itself on agricultural sector. This conclusive statement actually applies to entire Bankura District and not just Beliatore alone. Although owing to steady urbanization agriculture’s influence may not be directly visible in the heart of Beliatore town, but agriculture’s influence becomes too visible in interiors of town and also in all adjacent villages. Talking about main crops, then paddy is the main crop here, followed by Wheat, Potato, Maize, Pulses and Oil seeds. Besides, horticulture crops are also grown in pretty decent quantity here.

Profile of Beliatore

Now coming to industrial sector, then despite the fact that overall concentration of industries is very low, but sizeable small scale industries are still operating in adjoining villages like Barjora, Bishnupur, Sonamukhi and Patrasayer. Most of these small scale industries constitutes of cottage industries. In fact to tell you more cottage Industry provides maximum employment opportunity next to agriculture. And Beliatore’s labourers do make up for a very significant share in overall employment opportunities generated by local Cottage Industry. Actually this should not come as a surprise at all, considering the fact that Beliatore town is immensely famous for unique handicraft art of ‘Mecha Sandesh’; something that we had already mentioned in introductory paragraph. Overall, Beliatore continues to be an underdeveloped economy. It will continue to remain so unless industrial sector makes some much needed progress in Bankura region.

Healthcare Services in Beliatore

Patients in Beliatore are heavily dependent on hospitals of Bankura city and other adjoining towns for availing healthcare services. This information must be sufficient enough to tell you that Beliatore does not have many well equipped hospitals of its own. However, what it does have in pretty sufficient numbers are chemist shops and general clinics. There decent presence is surely matter of huge relief for local patients here. However, actual relief to Beliatore’s patients would come when few really well equipped hospitals come up in their small town. Hopefully this much cherished dream does materialize in coming years. Overall, Beliatore town depicts a very mixed picture on the front of healthcare services.

SUR Pharmacy
Address: Beliatore Road, Beliatore, Bankura - 722203
Phone no: +(91)-9434254521

Meera Medical Hall
Address: Shyam Bazaar, Sonamukhi Road, Beliatore, Bankura - 722203
Phone no: +(91)-9475347157

Roy Pharmacy
Address: Shyam Bazaar, Station Road, Beliatore, Bankura - 722203
Phone no: +(91)-9434224337

Medicine Centre
Address: Shyam Bazaar, Station Road, Beliatore, Bankura - 722203
Phone no: +(91)-3241-259610

Kiran Pharmacy
Address: Radha Bazar, Durgapur Road, Beliatore, Bankura - 722203
Phone no: +(91)-9614302235

Transportation in Beliatore

Thanks to proximity with main city of Bankura, today Beliatore town has pretty decent numbers of auto rickshaws. This is to say that had Beliatore town not been located so closely to Bankura city, then it surely would not have so many auto rickshaws as it is having today. Moving ahead, then these auto rickshaws are virtually like lifeline for all daily local commuters here. Thanks to them today they can easily move and forth to any part of the town. Coming to connectivity, then Beliatore has small railway station that is directly connected to only Bankura and few of the adjoining towns. However, if people of Beliatore want to travel to other parts of West Bengal or rest of India, then they can do so by break journey via Bankura Railway Station or by directly traveling to Bankura Railway Station. Bankura Station is actually directly connected to all important cities of West Bengal and also many of the important cities located outside West Bengal state.

Banking Services in Beliatore

Banking Services in Beliatore

There are just two or three reputed commercial banks operating their branches here. Besides quite a few local cooperative banks and also few small micro finance institutions are operating here. Although all these make up for just about decent numbers, but for small town like Beliatore this is just about sufficient. However, local people here would be more than happy to see more reputed banks coming up here. After all, even they want to enjoy host of modern banking services, just like citizens of other major cities do.

State Bank Of India
Address: villa + p.o. : Beliatore, Dist - Bankura, West Bengal 722138
IFSC Code: SBIN0014053

United Bank of India
Address: Po-Beliatore, Beliatore, Dist-Bankura, West Bengal, Pin - 722203
Phone no: (03241) 259233

Police in Beliatore

Beliatore town does have a local police station to ensure safety and security of all its citizens. However, barring exceptional cases, local citizens here rarely have to resort to this police station to ensure their safety and security. This is obviously because Beliatore town is largely peaceful and stable town. No organized crime syndicate are prevalent here, and even regional tensions or communal disharmony are completely absent in this town. To sum it up, Beliatore’s local citizens feel absolutely safe and secure 24*7 and 365 days in their home town.

O/C Beliatore PS Shri S A Ahasan :8001150150, 03241-259700

Beliatore in a glance

Country: India
State: West Bengal
District: Bankura
Elevation: 79 m (259 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total: 6,463
• Official: Bengali, English
PIN: 722203
Telephone code: 03241

  • E-mail

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